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La Colors 13 Piece Gel Nails On! Nail Tips And Glue Kit

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Give your nails that “fresh out of the salon” look in just minutes. The L.A. COLORS Gel Nails On! nail tips mimic the perfect shape of acrylic nails, with the lightweight comfort of a gel manicure and the ease of applying press on nail tips. The bottom edge is curved to hug your nail beds and blend into cuticles for an undetectable, natural fit. Each style is designed after our most popular Gel-Like nail polish shades so you can press and match your nails to your toes.

Tip: Apply Gel Nails On! Nail tips to fingers and use the matching Gel-Like polish on your toes to coordinate your tips to your toes.

  • Lightweight, comfortable wear
  • Curved edge that blends into cuticles
  • Shades are inspired by our most popular Gel-Like Nail Polish colors
  • Kit includes 12 nail tips & 1 nail glue

Start with clean dry nails.

Select a nail size that closely matches your own nails.

Place a drop of glue on your nail, and a drop of glue under the nail tip.

Align the nail tip with your natural nail, press down and firmly hold for 15-20 seconds.

To remove: Soak in acetone-based nail polish remover.

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