Welcome to prettyclick

Your Most Trusted Source for Makeup And Skincare Products

Who we are

Prettyclick is an exclusive importer, distributor, and retailer for major American and European cosmetics and skincare brands in Nepal. It remains the only Nepali business chain fully dedicated to beauty products and offers a wide range of products like makeup, skin care, masks, sunscreen, perfumes, makeup accessories among others. By now, Prettyclick has authorization over more than twenty foreign beauty brands. We believe in inclusivity; therefore, our team is working on to recreate the beauty space into an open environment for everyone to explore.

Prettyclick has been working on a beauty campaign with a strong message of being and loving yourself, promoting our most cherished belief “True beauty is to be the real you”.

Our Vision

To become the largest beauty & skin care brand of Nepal.

Our Mission

To use the power of beauty to bring the best in our customers-all the while inspiring and empowering women in every aspect of their lives.

Our Core Values

Prettyclick was established to touch the major pain point of beauty conscious customers; unavailability of genuine cosmetic products at affordable price. We have always dedicated ourselves towards bringing the best brands from the West to Nepalese market. By bringing genuine makeup and skincare products, we have established Prettyclick as the market standard for selling genuine cosmetic products of Nepal.

Our Commitment

Prettyclick brings you the best in beauty. This is the motto driving us ever since we founded Prettyclick. Together, we offer an exclusive experience of brands, exceptional service and beauty expertise within a unique store environment. At Prettyclick, we are fully dedicated towards our customer satisfaction and we assure you that Prettyclick products are genuine and authentic. We do not accept any counterfeit products. All our inventories are bought directly from the brand or authorized distributors of the brands and we have been creating awareness about the importance of using genuine products since the beginning. Prettyclick not only strives to promote makeup products but equally gives emphasis on skin care items as well. Our team has always prioritized the needs of its customers and tries to provide the best possible service to them. We make sure that all our customers have a good shopping experience both in their stores and on their web platform.