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"PrettyClick" is an exclusive beauty business operating in Nepal, specializing in the import, distribution, and retail of major American and European cosmetics and skincare brands. Here is an overview of PrettyClick's identity, vision, mission, core values, and commitment:
Who We Are: PrettyClick is the exclusive importer, distributor, and retailer for leading American and European beauty brands in Nepal. It is the sole Nepali business chain entirely dedicated to beauty products. Their product range includes makeup, skincare, masks, sunscreen, perfumes, makeup accessories, and more. PrettyClick is authorized to offer products from over twenty foreign beauty brands.
Vision: To become the largest beauty and skincare brand in Nepal.
Mission: To harness the power of beauty to enhance the lives of their customers, all while inspiring and empowering women in all aspects of their lives.
Core Values:
  • Inclusivity: PrettyClick aims to create an inclusive beauty space for everyone to explore.
  • Authenticity: Their commitment to providing genuine cosmetic products at affordable prices.
  • Bringing the Best Brands: Dedication to bringing the best Western brands to the Nepalese market.
  • Customer Satisfaction: A strong focus on customer satisfaction, offering an exceptional shopping experience.
  • Promoting Genuine Products: Advocacy for using genuine beauty products and raising awareness about their importance.
Commitment: PrettyClick is dedicated to offering the best in beauty by providing an exclusive experience with top brands, excellent service, and beauty expertise in a unique store environment. They emphasize the authenticity of their products, assuring customers that they do not accept counterfeit items. All their inventory comes directly from the brand or authorized distributors, reinforcing their commitment to genuine cosmetic products. PrettyClick also places equal importance on skincare items and prioritizes customer needs and satisfaction in both physical stores and their online platform.
In addition to their business operations, PrettyClick is involved in a beauty campaign with a message of self-love and authenticity, promoting the idea that "True beauty is to be the real you." This campaign aligns with their vision and commitment to inclusivity and empowerment within the beauty industry.