Palladio ultimate Pro 8 Eyeshadow Palette

Our pro shadow palette collection features 35 high-pigment blendable shades in creamy rich colors. Designed by make-up artists to suit every skin tone and eye color, this palette contains an incredible shade range: from buttery mattes, super-shimmery shadows, and complimentary metallic shades.

Spring 2020 - The perfect go-to color collection that lets you create subtle daytime looks and easily transition to a nighttime smokey eye. Pops of pinks and orange along with deep chocolate browns, rich velvety purples and greens have never looked so gorgeous. All the versatile and highly saturated colors you need can be found in this one luxurious palette.

Fall 2020 - This collection is a beautiful balance of light and creamy hues with rich spicy tones. It features rich peach, rose gold, rustic copper, dusty pink, coral and terracotta tones complemented by champagne and brown shimmers that add unbelievable dimension to every look.