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Lange Botanical Nourishing and moisturizing Night Cream

by lange

To revitalize, strengthen and perfectly tone skin.

Actives: Silicium derivative, Brown algae extract and Green tea extract.

Maintains your skin's softness, firmness and suppleness, prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, restores the fresh, youthful-looking radiance of your skin.

A highly effective formula, LANGÉ Nourishing and Moisturizing Night Cream revitalizes dull, tired and over-stressed skin. It addresses the visible signs of aging, restores essential nutritive elements and maintains your skin's softness, firmness and suppleness. LANGÉ Night Cream prevents fine lines and wrinkles, while it leaves your skin appearing fresh, youthful and rested. Use nightly for a soft and radiant complexion.


This richly textured cream is especially formulated for mature skin. At night, after facial cleansing, apply Night Cream to face and neck. Nourishing and Moisturizing Night Cream can be used in addition to other treatments. For maximum benefit, be certain to allow other treatments to dry completely before Night Cream is applied.