Better Skin Zit No More



Roll Over It. Zit No More is a super strength zit zapper in an easy breezy rollerball. Zit apocalypse got you down? Roll over those unsightly visitors and watch the magic begin. This wonder potion contains salicylic acid wrapped in THREE soothing essential oils. Dry up those pore offending criminals while nature’s warriors sooth and work hard to better your skin. The formula is boosted with PhytoVie® pollution defense to assist the skin with its battle against pollutants. Results can be fast and your friends may never know you had a visitor.


“I love this!

I absolutely adore the zit no more! It helps with break outs quickly, it even helped with hormonal break out! FANTASTIC!! 
- Kim F. 

This clear wonder potion includes tea tree oil combined with a powerful acne fighter, salicylic acid. Use day or night - leaves no residue. Dry up trouble spots with this travel-friendly rollerball. Great for Zits, Bug bites and Ingrown hair.


Key Benefits

• A clear acne spot treatment in a roller ball

• Click on the drug facts tab to review other benefits

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