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Let your skin reflect your beauty within : Use Argan Oil 100% Pure

Derived from the nut of the Argan tree
Rare and unrefined oil
Moisturizes superior to all other concoctions
Full of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids

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What is it?

100% organic all natural, argan oil pure and clinically proven serum and argan oil moisturizer that moisturizes and smooths all wrinkles and fine lines thus preserving the youthful radiance of your skin.

Formulation of Argan Oil :

Pure argan oil used in this serum for youth preserving benefit. Best selling anti-aging, skin smoothing and soothing essential oil for the skin that acts like a nourishing shield that keeps the skin protected from environmental damage and skin aging free radicals. 100% highest grade oil, eco-certified organic and free of synthetics, fragrance, or fillers. US manufactured serums to ensure the quality of oils. Absorbs easily into the skin and is full of unrivaled healing and nourishing benefits for a healthy skin that glows with youthful looking complexion. Great for sensitive skin and dry skin types since 100% argan oil is used in this serum with 0% paraben, cruelty, fragrances, fillers and synthetics.

What else you need to know:

Clinically proven serum to visibly decrease the appearance of coarse wrinkles and fine lines. Significantly improves skin hydration and smoothness. Helps glide make up easily on skin if used as makeup prep serum. Can be used after makeup application under brows, and cheeks for extra shine. Ensuring the quality of this serum by importing and extracting original and high-end argan oil through Argan trees of Morocco. The bottle of this serum is safely produced to filter out damaging ultra-violet and blue light that breaks down the beneficial properties of the product and nutrients.

How to use:

Use 2 to 4 warm drops of Argan Oil Serum on the skin. Gently massage the skin with this serum day and night. Can be used on top of creams and serums.

Can be used on rough patches of a body to soften the firm skin.

Use this serum under the eye to intensely hydrate and decrease the appearance of fine lines.

Skin Types:

Which skin types are this serum good for? See below if your skin type is present in the list before buying the product.



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