Prettyclick is not a brand, It is a movement

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Our Story

we’ve held the belief that authentic products should not be a luxury, but a right

We bring beauty lovers to a one-stop destination offering exclusive beauty brands, trends, and expertise. Prettyclick is all about celebrating beauty, and we share our customers’ love of empowering themselves with our products and expertise. Our brands includes Milani, Jordana,La Girl, 7th Heaven, Real Techniques, Tree Hut Shea, Dermacol, Orly.Cosmedica, and Skin Deva, better Skin co and more. Simply, we believe that every woman deserves the best. By encouraging our customers to EXPLORE, SWATCH, WATCH, and PLAY with beauty, we ensure that Prettyclick is a place to celebrate our love of beauty together.

Our Inspiration

Our Inspiration comes from our loyal customers,Their unwavering support, trust and encouragement is the reason behind our success.

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Our Commitment

Because Nepal borders China, 70% of cosmetic products imported to Nepal are either counterfeit or bought from unreliable sources. Our success results from this. Prettyclick maintains high quality due to our commitment to refuse all counterfeit products, as nearly all of our products are purchased from the manufacturer or brand itself

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#1 Trusted Beauty Chain In Nepal

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100% Authentic

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Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Priority